Education-forward approach with an emphasis on consulting


Creates the (FREE) framework of your preliminary succession plan


Personalized consulting services to transition your business


Ongoing support to ensure your succession plan stays on track



Our foundation planning module assesses where you are in the succession process, educates you on the available options, and allows you to start planning your path, personalized to you.

Succession Introduction

Business Valuation

Successor Strategy

Deal Structure

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Our comprehensive services make your succession plan a reality by considering the nuances specific to your business and personal desires, and customizing a solution that best meets your needs.

By taking the time to learn about your unique needs, we help you create the best succession plan that fits your life. We’re here to help answer any questions while educating you about your best options to bring you clarity and save you time.

Design Succession Strategy

Develop a detailed & customized roadmap with actionable recommendations and timelines

Deal Structure & Support

Guidance and negotiation to achieve an ideal deal structure

Successor Placement

Assist with recruiting and mentoring qualified successors

Accredited Valuation

Formalize business valuation; CVA accredited valuations available

Legal & Lending Support

Generate and/or review the necessary legal documents (Purchase Agreement, Promissory Note, etc.)


Consulting Services

Our ongoing support makes sure that your plan stays on track and accomplishes the objectives you intended.

Interim Continuity

Creates an emergency plan for death or disability

Transition Support

Assistance with the coordinated and structured implementation of your transition plan

Ongoing Coaching

Monthly support and encouragement to ensure goals are achieved and/or refine the strategy as necessary

Imagine knowing what your business is worth, monetizing its value, and enjoying retirement.

Financial Advisor Marketplace

Succession Concepts’ platform, including our marketplace, is centered around the transitioning financial advisor and their succession plan.

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